Penetration Testing Services

DigiHut Systems' Penetration Testing Services, backed by a very competent team of "Red Team" penetration testers will simulate a real-world attack on your networks, applications, devices, and/or people to demonstrate the security level of your critical systems and infrastructure and show you what it will take to strengthen it.

By: DigiHut Systems | Published: Thursday 30th of May 2019


Penetration Testing Services

Our Penetration Testing Services

As in life, security is one of the hardest weaknesses to pinpoint, particularly regarding one's own shortcomings. Fortunately, we at DigiHut Systems have no problem thoroughly documenting all of your business flaws. We have a whole team dedicated to this. Understanding your vulnerabilities and ways how a hacker can exploit them is critical in improving your organization's overall security. With that in mind, DigiHut Systems' Penetration Testing Services, backed by a very competent team of "Red Team" penetration testers will simulate a real-world attack on your networks, applications, devices, and/or people to demonstrate the security level of your critical systems and infrastructure and show you what it will take to strengthen it.

Way more than security experts

The best way to stop attackers is to think and act like an attacker. Which is why, unlike many security firms in Kenya, we do not hire inexperienced recent graduates or people with more experience in IT but no background in Computer Security. Based on this, our recruitment process is thorough were only good people who know about bad things are able to pass. We simulate and test one's ability to hack and penetrate day to day systems such as ATMs, printers, auto-keyless entry, endpoint protection bypass, security alarm systems and more... based on this, we can guarantee that our 'Red Team' comprises only of bonafide computer hackers.

What to fix, and when and how to fix it

Most penetration tests in Kenya only provide a long list of problems with little context on how to fix them or instruction on where to start. Helpfully, DigiHut Systems offers a prioritized list of security problems facing your company based on their exploitability and overall impact on your business processes through an industry-standard ranking process. 

What can you expect? 

You can expect to receive a detailed description and proof of concepts for each finding in the report as well as a well laid out actionable remediation plan that is easy to understand. Since we understand that the severity of the risk in only one factor the remedial process, we also provide insights into the level of effort needed to remediate the findings based on your business's strategy, goals and industry.

 Also, you will receive:

  1. An attack storyboard that walks you through sophisticated chained attacks that can be launched against your business.
  2. Scorecards that compare your environment with best practices from an attacker's perspective
  3. Positive findings that call out what security controls you have that are effective

Compliance is a by-product of good security

At DigiHut Systems, we believe that good security sires proper compliance. Based on this, our services are geared towards helping you understand attackers and how best to defend against them. 

The same extends to our penetration testing services since every organization's network and challenges are unique. Our Penetration Testers tailor their methods and attack vectors for each engagement based on initial research into your organization. 

Our pen testing services

Red Team Attack Simulation

DigiHut Systems works with you to develop a customized attack execution model to properly emulate the threats your organization faces to enhance your organization’s defense, detection, and response capabilities. The simulation includes real-world adversarial behaviors and tactics, techniques, and procedures, allowing you to measure your security program’s actual effectiveness when faced with persistent and determined attackers.


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Internal and External Network Penetration Testing

We simulate real-world attacks to provide a point-in-time assessment of vulnerabilities and threats to your network infrastructure.


Web Application Penetration Testing

In addition to the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) and the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) DigiHut Systems’ application penetration testing service leverages the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), a comprehensive framework for assessing the security of web-based applications, as a foundation for our web application assessment methodology

Mobile Application Penetration Testing Services

As the widespread use of mobile applications continues to grow, consumers and corporations find themselves facing new threats around privacy, insecure application integration, and device theft. We go beyond looking at API and web vulnerabilities to examine the risk of the application on a mobile platform. We leverage the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM), and Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) methodologies to thoroughly assess the security of mobile applications.

IOT and Internet-Aware Device Testing

Internet-aware devices span from ubiquitous, commercial Internet of Things (IoT) devices and systems to automotive, healthcare and mission-critical Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Our testing goes beyond basic device testing to consider the entire ecosystem of the target, covering areas such as communications channels and protocols, encryption and cryptography use, interfaces and APIs, firmware, hardware, and other critical areas. Our deep dive manual testing and analysis look for both known and previously undiscovered vulnerabilities.


Social Engineering Penetration Testing Services


Malicious users are often more successful at breaching a network infrastructure through social engineering than through traditional network/application exploitation. To help you prepare for this type of strike, we use a combination of human and electronic methodologies to simulate attacks. Human-based attacks consist of impersonating a trusted individual in an attempt to gain information and/or access to information or the client infrastructure. Electronic-based attacks consist of using multiple phishing attacks crafted with specific organizational goals and rigor in mind. DigiHut Systems will customize a methodology and attack plan for your organization.

Our Cyber Security Consultancy Services

DigiHut Systems offers a range of Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Cyber Security Training, Application Development, Physical Security Vulnerability Assessment, and Risk and Mitigation Services to meet your needs. If you still haven't found what you are looking for, kindly reach us to learn more about our services.

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